Rhythm Reading Plan: Day Five

Matthew 9:19-22


Highlights. Who doesn’t love them? Whether you’re an ESPN fanatic checking the catch of the day or you’re flipping through the latest blog post of your favorite writer. Most of us have a limited amount of time and want to get right to the point. In fact, if you take a peek on any social media platform you’ll see endless “selfies,” baby giggles, and food pictures galore. You’ll see the highlights.


It’s often forgotten when glancing at these platforms that the highlight reel is not a daily reality for most people. Most of us can relate to the woman in this story. Maybe you wake up daily with chronic pain, a prolonged illness, or a stubborn medical condition. Maybe you struggle with a seemingly hopeless financial situation or a severed relationship that you have prayed to mend for years now. Maybe you, like this woman, need a highlight in this season of your life.


When she heard Jesus was coming near, she didn’t hesitate. She knew to get the miracle she desperately needed she had to get close to the Healer Himself.


Many of us would be tempted to throw ourselves directly in His path. She was desperate to be free from her endless pain, yet she quietly came up behind  Him and touched His garment. Without a word, a look, or a touch from Jesus, she was made whole simply by believing He could heal her—and daring to act on that belief.


Sometimes our lives have few highlights, and we may feel as if we are losing hope. Days may run into weeks and weeks into months shutting out faith and the blessings that are waiting for each one of us. Today may we be reminded that like the woman in this story, your faith in Jesus can heal you.


Take a chance. Make the journey. You can do this! Regardless of how long your struggle may have persisted or how little strength you feel you may possess, Jesus is coming close and now is your chance to simply reach out, and believe.


  1.    What are some highlights God has done lately in your life?
  2.    What is the miracle you have been praying for?
  3.    What is stopping you from approaching Jesus with it?


Devotional Contributed by Bobbi Kerlin