Rhythm Reading Plan: Day Seven

The Dance
Psalm 25:4-5

Dancing with the Stars is a long-running ballroom dancing competition that pairs ballroom dancing professionals with celebrities who have little to no dance experience. The show chronicles the adventures of the rich and famous as they subject themselves to the teaching and choreography of a dance professional in hopes to be transformed into an opponent worthy of the grand prize. The first few weeks are always painful to watch as these celebrities waddle around on stage with all the grace of a newborn baby deer trying to get their footing, stay in rhythm with the timing, and follow their partner. It’s all so new, but even this awkward new phase serves a purpose.  

One key element that transforms the graceless into a championship caliber couple is trust. Without trust, a dancing duo is bound to the ground with only a two-step and a smile. That won’t get them very far. But when trust is evident the celebrity, humbles themselves, locks arms and eyes with their guide, listens to and follows instructions and allows themselves to be transformed by trust.  

In our walk with Jesus, we start much like the novice dancers. We know that the results for others looks really good, and we want what they have.  We have no idea of the journey it takes to get to that glorious magical moment.

As we begin this new dance, we step on toes, we fall and try to catch ourselves — not allowing grace to pick us up. We strive to perfect the moves, dancing in the mirror instead of locking eyes with the partner we were created to dance in rhythm with forever. Then, there is a turning point when we realize that God is the best dance partner and it is our own heart that needs to learn to take the instruction instead of making the rules. It is the moment when our prayer changes from – “I just want to get this right,“ to “Show me YOUR ways O, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me,  for you are God my Savior.”  

At that moment, we lay down the old image of what we thought it took to be victorious, and we simply trust Him enough to lead us, to teach us, to guide and guard us.  We trust His heart that He wouldn’t ask us to do something that would put us to shame, but rather, He will be there every step of the way — dancing to the rhythm of victory. A dance He invited us to. All we have to do is trust, submit, and follow to be transformed from graceless to graceful for the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ.  What a beautiful dance it is. Will you trust Him to teach you, to twirl you, to lift you, and to transform you fully?  

Will you trust Him to lead this dance?

Are there areas of your life where you have not yet followed God’s rhythm?
What next step do you feel like God is leading you toward?

Devotional Contributed by Tesha Fritz

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