Rhythm Reading Plan: Day Nine

In His Shoes

Scripture – John 13:1-3
Hours before Jesus is arrested in the Garden, He chooses to spend one last meal (Passover) with His closest friends. During the meal, Jesus gets up from the table to wash…. His disciple’s feet.
Feet are nasty. They’re sweaty. They’re awkward looking. They smell. And they get weird stuff in between the toes. Even today, the act of Jesus washing the Disciples feet seems impressive. I don’t know too many people who are chomping at the bit to wash the feet of those around them.
When you place this story in its historical context, it gets even more incredible. During this period in history, people wore sandals and walked miles upon miles in the hot Middle Eastern sun–add to it all of the animal dung in the roadways and you’re in for a pretty messy day.
But the truly incredible thing about this story isn’t just that Jesus washed the Disciple’s grimy, nasty, dingy, feet. It’s that He washed all of their feet. Every single one of them. Even the guy whom He knew would soon betray Him: Judas Iscariot.
Jesus knew Judas would turn His back on Him. He knew he’d turn Him over to those who would put Him to death. But still, Christ humbled Himself and washed His traitor’s feet.
Whenever I’ve read this story, I’ve always placed myself in the seat of Jesus. Would I be willing to wash the feet of someone who I knew had ill plans for me? Would I get down on my hands and knees and scrub the dirt off of the feet of the man who was going to lead me to excruciating pain and eventual death? As I thought about this question in my prayer time, I felt like God said to me, “Paul — you’re in the wrong seat.”
The reality is I’m not Jesus in this story. I’m Judas. I’m the guy who has betrayed Christ. Every time I’ve sinned. Every time I’ve turned my back on Him. Denied Him because I was embarrassed. Stayed silent when others ridiculed His name. It was my sins that led Jesus to the Cross of Cavalry. And still — He washes my feet. He serves me by giving His life for mine.
This realization has the power to unlock a new understanding of Christ’s love for you. It shows how — even on your worst day — Christ still loves you. He still serves you. He doesn’t treat you differently because of what you’ve done or what you’re about to do. He loves unconditionally. And when you have a proper view of Christ washing your feet, it enables you to do the same for others.


Take a few moments to sit and imagine Jesus washing your feet. It may feel uncomfortable or awkward, but that’s okay. Now, grab something to write on and jot down how you feel.

Are you embarrassed? Relieved? Frightened? Next, take a few moments to pray and ask God why you’re feeling those emotions.

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