The Forty: Day Two

Devotional 2: Going Home

Scripture Reading: Luke 4:16-30


What an incredible scene. Jesus travels to His hometown in Nazareth and visits the local synagogue. It’s here where He is surrounded by many people who helped raise Him, played with Him as a kid, and knew Him as Joseph and Mary’s son– a carpenter.

It’s in this moment that He reads a prophecy from the book of Isaiah and then boldly declares how this prophecy is being fulfilled right in front of their eyes. He declares Himself as the Son of God.

Imagine the chaos. “Who does He think He is?!” “Isn’t this just Joseph’s son?” Some were insulted, offended, and furious that Jesus would make such a ridiculous claim.

He countered their skepticism by reading their mail and standing by His claim. This added fuel to the fire. In their anger, they tried to throw Jesus off of a cliff. He escaped and went off to teach others in the city of Galilee.

Jesus knew it was more important to focus on who God said He was rather than who other people said He was. It’s important that we know who God says we are, regardless of what others may say.

Romans 8:17 says that God delivered us from darkness and brought us into His Kingdom to become co-heirs with Christ. We carry a legacy in us. Are we walking with purpose the way God intended?

In 1 John 2:6, we are called to live just like Jesus because we have the same Holy Spirit that He did. Are we living in such a way that we are willing to proclaim God’s truth, even if it means our whole hometown would turn against us?

It’s time to take up our cross and walk in the freedom God created us to walk in. Free from the opinions of others. Free from the mistakes of our past. Free to live just like Jesus.


  •  What are three things God says about you as a son or daughter in His Kingdom?
  •  Be honest, are you more concerned with what God or others think about you? How can you change this?
  •  What are negative things other people have spoken over you that you’ve come to believe about yourself? What would God tell you about those things?

*Devotional contributed by Matt Pshock