The Forty: Day Three

Devotional 3: Fishing Advice From a Carpenter

Scripture Reading: Luke 5:1-11


Jesus was not a known fishing enthusiast. Jesus was not a professional fisherman.  Jesus was not, by human standards, qualified or authorized to give instructions on how to fish.  He didn’t have the experience. He didn’t have the backing of the fishing community. To make His advice even less credible to human ears, His expertise was in carpentry. Fishing and carpentry. We might as well call it oil and water; apples and oranges; night and day.


The only water experience recorded in the book of Luke up until this point for Jesus is baptism. Yet, when He gave Simon directions to, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch,” Simon responded. Yes, Jesus had been teaching the Word of God from Simon’s boat. Yes, people were crowded around to listen. Yes, Jesus gave Simon instructions, but the miracle is in Simon’s response.


In spite of the fact that He hadn’t caught anything in His own strength – He listened to Jesus’ instructions. In spite of the fact that Simon was the fishing expert, the professional fisherman, the one qualified to give advice – he accepted the assignment from the carpenter, who just happened to be the Savior of the world. What seemed like just a fishing expedition became the great commission with just one act of obedience.


What does this mean for us? God operates in perfect ways that seem strange. He gives us direction in unlikely ways, from unlikely places, and even from unlikely people.


During this time of fasting listen closely for God’s direction. Allow your heart to wrestle with the fact that you may have tried something a million times in your own strength. You may be the expert, the authority, the been there done that made the t-shirt guru, but God may send you wisdom in that VERY area from a child, a person who is newly saved, or even still, an unbeliever. God loves you enough, that in His infinite wisdom, He may send you direction in a way that is very easy to dismiss or discredit. It is in those times when, like Simon, we have to surrender our experience and then submit to His wisdom.


Fishing advice from a carpenter seems weird, until you know that the wisdom is from the Lord! With Jesus’ intervention a little boy’s lunch fed the multitude, diseased people were healed, outcasts were welcomed, and empty nets were filled to overflowing. Will you, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch?” By faith He will meet you and fill you beyond your wildest expectations. The miracle is in your obedience to His wisdom.



  •  Have you ever dismissed God’s direction because the source was unlikely?
  •  In what areas are you coming up empty in your life?  Allow Jesus to speak direction that will lead you to your overflow.


*Devotional contributed by Tesha Fritz