The Forty: Day Seven

Devotional 7: No One Likes Rotten Fruit

Scripture Reading: Luke 6:43-49


You are in charge of bringing a dish to the party. After a long and dreary winter, a colorful fruit bowl sounds like the perfect choice to brighten up the party. As you whistle ‘Dixie’ through the grocery store you notice some of the choices are less than acceptable: bruised apples, blackened bananas, and squishy rotten cantaloupe.  Do you see them and think, “These are absolutely perfect to bring to the party!!” Probably not. This would clearly be a half-hearted, lazy attempt at fulfilling your assignment.


As people, we tend to show our love through words and our gifts. With God’s Word we grow and His principles develop in our hearts, and through our own actions and words they shine to those around us. What have you been putting in your body lately? Rotten fruit? What are you watching, reading, and listening to? Would you feed the ones you love (and the ones you don’t?) with inedible food? Neither does God!


God calls each and every one of us to be a walking testament of His good works. He provides the nourishment in His word to produce growth. His Scriptures and guidance are too delicious to not share with those around us. But, we have to do our part too. If we are blasé about His Word and don’t put it into practice, or let them develop to be mature Christians, we may as well be building our lives on a platform of quicksand. God’s Word is the only word that should take residency in your heart! Any other noise is just that – noise. The beauty of God is that we don’t have to stand in front of a huge aisle of choices. He lays out simple, tangible options that guide us in a loving way with direction and purpose. We don’t have to be bogged down with endless and terrible choices.


As we nourish our bodies with the Gospel, we build a strong foundation in the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect choice to bring to any party?



  •   What are you feeding your soul with? Are you all allowing trash or negativity take over?
  •  How are you sharing what God is doing in your life? Are you focusing on the positive or the negative?
  •  Are you building a strong foundation in God? Are you inviting Him to take part in the process or are you trying to take control?


*Devotional contributed by Danielle Leonard