The Forty: Day Eight

Devotional 8: Walking By The Funeral

Scripture: Luke 7:11-17


The widow’s pain had to be unbearable. She’d already experienced the agony and grief of having to bury her husband and was now in the middle of the funeral procession to bury her only son. In that time, Jews buried their dead on the same day they passed. The pain and hurt must have been fresh and deep.


When Jesus saw the widow and her dead son being carried out, He was overcome with compassion. He offered her comforting words, but didn’t stop there. He reached out and grabbed the boy, commanded that he get up and then presented the resurrected son to his mother…turning their worlds upside down.


The widow never prayed a single prayer that day; she probably lacked the strength. She didn’t didn’t say the right words, sing the perfect song, or perform the correct ritual. We actually don’t see any evidence of faith at all from the widow. She had never even heard of Jesus until that day. The miracle performed that day didn’t happen because of anything she did, it happened because of who He is — a Savior full of love and compassion for people.


As Christians, we are called to walk with that same spirit of compassion. We don’t do this because people always do it for us, we do it because of the love of God in us. We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Just like Jesus, when we are driven by love and compassion, we have the ability to turn someone’s world upside down. And as was the case in this story, God gets all the glory for it!



  •  How can you comfort a grieving friend with more than just your words?
  •  Are you looking for opportunities to show compassion to others?
  •  Does someone’s history of showing compassion or good will to you play a role in deciding whether or not you show compassion to them? If so, how will you change this?


*Devotional contributed by Rob Cozart