The Forty: Day Thirteen

Devotional 13: Faith & Acceptance versus Fear & Rejection

Scripture Reading: Luke 8:40-56


Many of us are like Jarius, the synagogue official or the Woman hemorrhaging for years.


Jairus fearfully fell at Jesus’ feet to plead with Him. The Woman fearfully snuck from the side to try to touch Him.


It seems something was wrong with the way both of them viewed Jesus. They seemed afraid. They seemed like they felt the need to beg. They seemed uncertain of how He would respond to their request.


On the other hand, in verse 40, we see a different response to Jesus. This response comes from the crowd. Instead of being uncertain, they were excited. Instead of fearing, they were expectant.


Are you of the mindset of the crowd, excited, full of faith, waiting on Jesus? Or, like Jairus and the Woman and many of us, do you view Jesus as someone to be feared and uncertain of? We have all been like Jairus and the Woman. We have all had moments when we wanted to be forgiven, wanted to find healing, but were fearful to approach God.


Maybe it was because of past sin and pain, or like the Woman, maybe it’s because of present pain and circumstance.


These two individuals each had a different story, just like the rest of us. Perhaps you have tried many different things to solve your problems. Counselors. Doctors. Substance abuse. Alcohol. Anything to ease the pain, whether it be physical or emotional.


Where do you fit in these verses? Are you excited and expectant to see Jesus or are you pleading like Jairus and trembling like the Woman?


Jesus allowed the crowd to hear Him answer both with love and compassion. To the Woman, in verse 48, He said, “Daughter (a title of love and acceptance) your faith has healed you. Go in peace.


To Jairus, He spoke directly and told Him, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”


Will you believe? Will you come to Him with faith?



Do you believe Jesus is for you?

Do you know He wants you to come to Him, even with all your blemishes?

What is He asking you to extend and grow in faith for?


*Devotional contributed by Dave Lobas