The Forty: Day Eighteen

Devotional 18: Questions

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:1-24


It’s alright to ask questions. You don’t have to know it all. It’s ok to admit you’ve never heard of that band, been to that restaurant or know the difference between a Chemex and a French Press. Feel free to admit you aren’t an expert in public policy and world history. It’s even okay to confess you haven’t read the whole Bible!


In other words, it’s okay to be humble. After all, when you know everything what more is there to discover? When our conversations become contests of esoteric info we lose the art of listening and learning. We lose wonder and we may even lose the spiritually significant state of being childlike.


God is a Father which means our proper posture before Him is that of a child. Jesus, the eternally begotten Son of the Father, models this relationship perfectly and tells us that this truth is actually hidden from people who think of themselves as wise. Perhaps the reason is,  when we lean on our own understanding, we don’t leave much room for God’s glory.


But God will get His glory. If His followers are silent the rocks will cry out. If the wise won’t kneel God will hide His truth from those proud souls and reveal it to tax collectors, zealots, fishermen, and children.


When a child asks their parent “why” they expect a good answer. They expect to learn. The proud ask questions with their mind made up, hoping to expose the foolishness of the one they question. The proud will never be satisfied, even with the most complex explanation. But the child, though they may ask “why” again and again, can be awed by the simplest answer. The proud long to see what is only visible from a lower vantage point, often forgetting that admittance to God’s family is birthed by bowing to a babe in a manger.


But if such a one, by the grace of God, has ever found their heart opened and their head bowed; if they find their searching satisfied and their questioning answered, they too can become a child of the Father.



  •  What areas of your life are you prideful about?
  •  Do you value being childlike as much as God does?
  •  Will you ask God the Father to make your heart receptive to His simple truths?


*Devotional contributed by Alan Duncan