The Forty: Day Nineteen

Devotional 19: Prayer For Your Friends May Change Your Future

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:25-42


Have you raised a teenager? If not, perhaps you were one at  some point? We know teenagers can be a special breed and require lots of attention and grace. Lord knows they can push you to the very brink of darkness. They tend to be mouthy and carry a  “know it all” attitude, convinced they don’t need a parent’s love and guidance. All of a sudden they know everything and advice falls on deaf ears covered in ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ headphones.


You can’t help but wonder if this may be how God feels at times when it comes to us as adults. If we are honest with ourselves, we probably have had many moments where we act like the know-it-all teenager who thinks, “I got this in the bag.” If we continue to be honest with ourselves, many times this type of attitude has gotten us in quite a pickle at times. But as we reflect on  times of troubles, who has consistently been there to pick us up, dust us off, kiss our head, and show unlimited mercy? Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


What an example of endless love and grace — a seamless, boundless amount in abundance. Jesus is the shining example when it comes to compassion and love for a person, even when we are frustrating and mouthy like a teenager arguing about study time. He knows that underneath the stubbornness and the urge we have to take control, our hearts yearn for His love and guidance, like a stubborn teenager who secretly desires an “I love you” and a big hug. So He forgives and He forgives and yet again – He forgives.


Let Jesus be the example in your life. Teenagers really come in many sizes, shapes, and ages. There is even a new up and coming breed – threenagers. Little pint-sized terrors that attempt to test you beyond limits that you even knew existed. Have you ever negotiated with a three year old and begged and pleaded for them to put on a coat in 10 degree weather? Phew. This is probably where the phrase “Lord have MERCY” came from. Friends, family, the person in line in front of you on their cell phone, all deserve a moment of your time and patience. They deserve your love even when there are times you are struggling with loving them. After all, isn’t that how God is with each and every one of us?


Being the hands and feet of Jesus has its challenges, especially in times of busyness, distractions, and way too many apps on our phones to bury our faces in. We are all teenagers stuck in adult bodies (if only we still had the body of our teenage selves). God’s desire for each of us is to stop in these moments and reach out to each other and help each other do this thing we call “life”. With an endless supply of mercy, even when humans can be frustrating, just like He has for us.


                                               “Lord Have Mercy!”



  •  Is there someone who desires your attention or needs your help? Have you reached out to someone lately?
  •  Have you created margin to spend with Jesus? What are your common distractions?
  •  Is there someone you can forgive and reach out to?
  •  Does the way you forgive others reflect a fully surrendered life?


*Devotional contributed by Danielle Leonard