What Is A Neighborhood Hope Dealer?

Jesus was the ultimate Neighborhood Hope Dealer. Every town He walked through was changed for the better. If we are truly His followers, we should have that same impact in our local community. Journey is committed to dialing into God’s call on us. We are confident that hope is at the forefront of who we are called to be. Just like Jesus.


Journey Hope Week 2018 | Aug 6-12



Hope Week is seven full days all about serving and loving our community with no strings attached. Through Hope Week, we partner with dozens of local organizations to deal hope to those in need through tangible acts of service.



The Journey Hope App

The Hope App has one goal – to restore hope. We believe people matter and that together we can make a difference through the simplest of things. The Hope App is a micro donation app that allows you to take your spare change and turn it into a powerful tool to bring hope to others. The Hope App partners with you to round up your transactions to the nearest dollar and then sends the money to support the causes of your choosing.