Whether you are a middle school or high school student, JOURNEY YOUTH (JYTH) is the place where we can connect, have fun, meet friends, grow in faith, and learn how to make a difference in our world! JOURNEY YOUTH is our middle school and high school group, grades 6th-12th.

Hello and welcome to Tribe Wars 2023 registration! The official Tribe Wars Games will take place on Sept. 6th at the Avon Campus. This will be the CRAZIEST night known to Tribe History. If you have any questions, please email

The WKND is a 24-hour YOUTH experience. During this time, 6th-12th grade Students from all over Ohio and beyond will come together to experience heaven on earth. The WKND will take place at Avon Campus,

Friday, Nov 11th: 5 pm-9 pm – Saturday, Nov 12th: 9 am-9 pm


Please reach out to us anytime. We are here to serve you. Please get in touch with Student Pastor Elijah Holbrook for questions about students’ ministry.

Tribe Nights


During tribe nights students will experience dynamic worship, a shorter collection of talks, and join grade & gender-specific “tribe groups”.

Please click this link to reserve your spot on the shuttle from Fairview To Avon.

Jesus Clubs

A Jesus Club is a way for you to take Jesus with you into your school – but as a school club for you and your friends. If you would like to lead one, contact Pastor EJ at

Ambassador Program


The Journey Student Ambassador program is a place where our varsity students can grow in their gifting, talents and learn how to influence culture and win the one.