Doing Life Together


Journey Groups?

Journey Groups can be summed up in one word: together. They provide you with a place to connect with others to help you grow in your faith and discover God’s plan for your life. They are small gatherings of people who desire to build community, focus on discipleship, and to encourage one another in their faith.


A Leader

If you love people, fun, and celebrating when people take their next step toward God — you’ve got exactly what it takes to lead a Journey Group. The only thing you need is the ability to love and the motivation to make an impact. We’ll help you with the rest. As you invest in others you’ll be forever changed.

Get Connected

Join A Group

Community isn’t just a Sunday morning service, Bible study, or hangout every couple of weeks. It’s built on friendships, laughter, celebration, and being there for one another — during every season of life. When you find your community, your schedule may look different; but your life will be changed forever.

Connect. Grow. Discover. Together.

You Might Have Questions

What will my Group do?

It depends on the kind of Group you choose. Some Groups serve on the same team at church. Other Groups study the Bible together. And some get together to enjoy a shared interest, such as basketball, crafts, or video games.

Is childcare provided?

Not all Groups offer childcare, but there are options available. Some Group members share the responsibility of watching the kids, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements. When you head to our sign-up page, make sure you filter by “childcare available”.

Where do Groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, restaurants, or coffee shops. Wherever there are people, there is community. We can help you find a Group near you. When you head to our groups sign-up page, use the map to find a group near you.

How do I sign up?

We’ve made signing up for a group quick and easy. You can search for a group by filtering based on day of the week, campus you attend, how often they mean, or even stage of life. To visit our group sign up page click HERE.

Resources For Your Group

Many Journey Groups utilize RightNowMedia for their Bible studies. A subscription to RightNowMedia gets you access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, married couples, and more. We can give you FREE access to RightNowMedia for joining a Journey Group!