To perceive or recognize what God wants you to learn or grow in. It involves understanding God's will or direction for your personal growth.


Our spiritual growth must be grounded in the Spirit’s prompting and guidance. As you begin, every believer should take time to discern what the Lord desires to be his or her next area of maturity and growth. This step includes intentionally seeking the Lord in prayer, reflecting on your spiritual walk, and allowing those close to you to act as a mirror.

3 ways to discern



  • Lord, what do you desire that I focus on next?
  • Lord, what areas of my walk have I been neglecting?
  • Lord, how do you want to prepare me to be used by You in the future?
  • Lord, how can I grow my relationship with You?



Take time to journal or assess:

  • What area of discipleship have I put the least focus on? 
  • What areas am I showing a lack of maturity?
  • What part of the PATH do I still feel uncomfortable with?



Ask a trusted Christian friend or small group community:

  • Do you see an area God might want to use me that I need to prepare for?
  • Is there an area in my walk with Jesus that you think I could benefit from putting attention towards?
  • Do you see any place that I have neglected in my faith?
  • What spiritual fruit do you see in my life?


Embrace the journey and trust the process. Your next step is waiting for you. Find it, embrace it, and move forward. Remember, every step you take brings you closer to God. So, what are you waiting for? 

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