a community of believers who gather for worship, fellowship, and religious instruction. It can refer to both the physical place where these gatherings occur and the spiritual community of Christians worldwide. The church is often seen as the body of Christ, with each member playing a unique role in serving God and others.

4 Areas to Practice CHURCH


Church Involvement & Community

  • Come to church on Sunday regularly.
  • Encourage the spiritual gifts you see in someone else.


Spiritual Gifts & Personal Development

  • Study spiritual gifts in the Bible.
  • Pray for God to reveal your gifts, ask other Christians what gifts they see in you, and take a spiritual gift test.
  • Study the 'body of Christ' and the 'family of God' in the Bible.


Time Management & Prioritization

  • Devote special time in prayer to ask God about your calendar habits and what priorities you have with your time.
  • Take a practical step for your family to prioritize God’s family (cut out an extracurricular, end work early one night, etc.)


Financial Stewardship & Generosity

  • Devote special time in prayer to ask God about your budgeting and generosity habits.
  • Take Financial Peace University or a similar stewarding class.
  • Create a monthly budget to steward your finances and make room for tithing.
  • Increase your generosity to the point you have to give up something you want.


This isn't just about attending services or participating in rituals, but about immersing oneself in a community seeking a closer relationship with God, His teachings, and His people. The church offers us an avenue to connect, serve, and grow together, nurturing our spiritual and communal bonds. Whether it's through heartfelt worship, serving alongside fellow believers, or participating in enriching discussions about faith, every moment spent in the church community brings us closer to God's heart.

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