To think deeply or carefully about something, often involving personal introspection or contemplation.


Our spiritual growth must be grounded in the Spirit’s prompting and guidance. As you begin, every believer should take time to discern what the Lord desires to be his or her next area of maturity and growth. This step includes intentionally seeking the Lord in prayer, reflecting on your spiritual walk, and allowing those close to you to act as a mirror.

4 Areas to Reflect ON


Relationship with God

  • Has my love for God grown? Why or why not?
  • Have I been disciplined to work on my relationship with God? How can I celebrate that or trust God to grow me in my discipline?
  • Has God felt distant lately? How can I acknowledge that and what step do I need to take to believe the truth that God is always with me?
  • Have I enjoyed my relationship with God? Have I recognized His love, grace, faithfulness, and holiness? Why or why not?


Living out the Gospel

  • Has my love for others grown? Why or why not?
  • In the past few days/weeks/months, have I increasingly centered my life on Jesus? Why or why not?
  • In the past few days/weeks/months, have I increasingly lived out the Gospel? Why or why not?


Spiritual Practices and Discipline

  • How have the steps of the PATH helped me center my life on Jesus and live out the Gospel?
  • Am I treating the steps or the practices like a checklist to get through? How can I make sure to take time to process what God is doing in my life?
  • Has my spiritual life become stale or routine? How can I trust God to grow me in tremendous ways?
  • Have I been willing to be uncomfortable in my walk with God or am I holding back from growing in any area?


Reflection and Moving Forward

  • Is there anything getting in the way of me growing in my relationship with God? How can I repent and move forward in that area?
  • What is something good God has done in my life that I can be thankful for?
  • Have I recognized the growth and changes in my spiritual life? How can I celebrate that or trust God to grow me further?


You've been practicing and making progress. But don't forget to pause and reflect. Reflection allows you to evaluate your journey, learn from your experiences, and plan your next steps. Take a moment to reflect on your progress. 

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