Actions of kindness, assistance, and charity carried out to benefit others, grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ as a way to exemplify Christian values and serve God through serving fellow human beings.

3 ways to Practice SERVICE


Local Service and Volunteering

  • Volunteer in a local food/homeless ministry.
  • Spend a morning cleaning up a park/neighborhood.
  • Create small food/essential bags that you keep in your car to give to those in need.


Personal Growth and Relationships

  • Find a specific way to serve your family/friends (cook a meal, clean up, etc.).
  • Ask God to reveal areas of selfishness in you and ask Him to help you become selfless.
  • Find one specific way you can consider someone else more important than yourself.
  • Have a conversation with a homeless person.
  • Start a relationship with a homeless person: See how they got where they are and try to find a way to get them into sustainable housing (ask the Outreach Pastor for help).



  • Pick one person/family in need and pray for them. Eventually, do what you can to meet their need.
  • Pray for God to reveal a place for you to serve/advocate for the marginalized: Pregnancy center, foster care, homelessness, race relations, etc.
  • Start working in this area.
  • Think through one area of injustice in the world and seek under God’s direction ways to bring justice there.


Let us embody the teachings of Jesus, fostering love, compassion, and understanding towards others. It's not just about doing good deeds, but about growing in faith and character. Whether it's volunteering in your local community, helping a neighbor, or contributing to a global cause, every act of service brings us closer to the heart of the Gospel. 

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