a spiritual practice that involves communicating with God. It's a way to express faith, seek guidance, request help, express gratitude, or simply commune with the divine. Prayer can take many forms, including praise, confession, thanksgiving, and requests or intercessions for oneself or others.

5 ways to Practice Prayer


Daily Prayer Practices

  • Pray before meals.
  • Pray in the morning before the start of your day (2, 5, 15, 30-more minutes).
  • Pick fixed times to pray throughout the day to work on praying without ceasing.


Prayer Techniques & Acronyms

  • Pray with prayer acronyms: Use the acronym PRAY (Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield) or ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication).
  • Attempt different kinds of prayer to center you on Jesus and His Word: Breath prayer, Centering prayer, Intercessory prayer.


Prayer through

Scripture & Song

  • Pray with Scripture. Read a Psalm or another passage for your prayer time.
  • Worship God in song: Sing along with worship on Sunday, listen to worship music in your car rides, sing on your own to God.
  • Write your own Psalm/song to God.


Extended Prayer &


  • Go away for an extended time of prayer: A long prayer walk or a desert disciple day (a full day alone with God).
  • Set aside a time of silence to invite God to speak to you and journal what God impressed on your heart.


Prayer Tracking & Intercession

  • Journal your prayers down, keep track and see how God answers those prayers.
  • Keep a prayer board or list of prayer requests from others.
  • Study Ephesians 6 and spiritual warfare. Pray for God to protect you with His armor and trust His victory over any evil spiritual forces


Embrace the transformative practice of prayer. As a cornerstone of Christian faith, prayer is more than a ritual - it's a heartfelt conversation with God. It's a time to express gratitude, seek guidance, intercede for others, and deepen your relationship with the Divine. Whether it's a morning prayer to start your day, a quick prayer before meals, or an extended time of reflection, every moment spent in prayer is a step towards spiritual growth. 

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