The study and interpretation of religious faith, practice, and experience, particularly concerning the nature and character of God and the doctrines of Christianity.

4 AREAS to Practice THEOLOGY


Understanding & Articulating Personal Beliefs

  • Write out your answer to the question: Who is God?
  • Write out theological viewpoints you already have and why you hold them.
  • Write out which doctrines you believe are essential for Christians to believe/agree on.
  • Come to a conclusion about what the Bible teaches and why you think that.


Comparative & Critical Study

  • Study what makes the Christian God and religion different from other religions and worldviews.
  • Compare statements of faith from different churches. Find how much they agree or disagree on, and how you can be unified with believers from that church.
  • Pick a theological topic (examples: atonement, end times, creation, etc.) and study it. Attempt to study all sides equally.
  • Determine if that is an essential doctrine to be a Christian or if it is a secondary one Christians can disagree over.


Textual Study & Summary

  • Write out your own summary of the story of the entire Bible.
  • Read through a book of systematic theology.


Spiritual & Communal Aspects

  • Pray for God to give you wisdom and humility.
  • Have a theological conversation with a brother/sister in Christ.


This isn't just about studying religious texts or doctrines, but about seeking a deeper understanding of God, His nature, and His teachings. Theology invites us to ask questions, explore different perspectives, and deepen our faith. Whether it's reflecting on the nature of God, exploring essential Christian doctrines, or engaging in thoughtful discussions with fellow believers, every theological inquiry brings us closer to God. 

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