a tool to help you on your journey to center your life on Jesus.

Get to know the PATH Guide

Because we know that growing in your faith does not come with a clear beginning and end. It’s ongoing, and so we’ve designed our Guides to be used over and over again. Here is what you can expect in your PATH Guide.

Here is what you can expect in your path Guide

A Step and Path


While you’ve probably already started to get familiar with the Steps of the PATH and the areas of the PATH themselves, the Guide allows you to quickly be reminded of how to partner with the Holy Spirit in growing in your faith as you seek to follow Jesus.

A Guided Discern


To grow in our faith, we first need to discern what area of the PATH that God has called us to focus on next. This guided page will allow you to prayerfully seek the Lord and journal how He is leading you.

Learning Pages

Use this as space to record your thoughts as you focus on discernment, learning, and preparation for this next step of faith.



As identifying a Practice (a challenging step of obedience to grow spiritually), we’ve provided pages in order to track and remain focused on that area God has called you into new faithfulness

Reflect and Celebrate Pages

We provide guidelines to help you recognize and celebrate spiritual growth, rather than simply following rules for self-satisfaction. Our periodic reflections encourage you to observe and rejoice in God's transformative work in your life.

QR Code-Enhanced

Most pages will link you to additional resources if desired. They are not required to use the Guide, but can further enhance your time in your Guide.

This resource isn't just a handbook; it's a navigational aid designed to clarify and enrich your faith journey. With actionable steps and insights, "The Guide" helps you deepen your relationship with God and engage more meaningfully with your community.

Whether you're discerning your path, learning new insights, practicing your faith, reflecting on your journey, or celebrating your progress, we are here to support and guide you every step of the way. Don't miss out on the latest from our community. Subscribe today and join us on this journey of faith and growth!

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