Sacred writings, specifically the Bible, believed to be "God-breathed" and divinely inspired. Scripture serves as the authoritative foundation for Christian theology, moral principles, and spiritual guidance, emphasizing their origin as not merely human constructs but revelations from God.

4 ways to Practice Scripture


Bible Reading and Memorization

  • Read one of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.
  • Read the entire Bible/read the Bible every day.
  • Read every day with the Bridge’s Daily Bible Reading Plan.
  • Read an entire book of the Bible in one sitting.
  • Memorize a verse or passage of the Bible and keep it memorized (try to do multiple).


Journaling & Reflection

  • Journal through your Bible reading (if you don’t know how to, look up the SOAP method).
  • Meditate on the Bible passage you are reading. Read it over and over again to get a basic understanding, to think how it applies to you, and to listen for the Spirit’s guidance.
  • As you read, ask God to reveal one way this applies to you and be obedient.


Bible Study & Research

  • Outline a book of the Bible by writing out themes, keywords, and a summary.
  • Do an inductive bible study on a book of your choice or join an inductive group study.
  • Research the passage you are reading using a commentary, concordance, or study Bible- look for cultural, historical, contextual, or theological pieces you may have missed.


Applying Scripture to Daily Life

  • Filter your news, social media feeds, etc. through the lens of Scripture. Take confusing, evil, or overwhelming things you hear to the Bible to process through them.
  • Try to incorporate biblical principles or verses into your daily conversations. This can help you and others to see situations from a biblical perspective.
  • When faced with decisions, big or small, seek guidance from the Scriptures. Reflect on relevant passages that can provide wisdom and direction.


Immerse yourself in the transformative practice of engaging with Scripture. Reading, studying, and applying the Bible is more than just a religious duty - it's a journey of discovery, growth, and deepening your relationship with God. Whether it's reading a passage daily, memorizing verses, or reflecting on the teachings in your everyday life, every interaction with Scripture brings you closer to understanding God's word and His will for you. 

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