/THə steps/

five actionable tasks designed to guide believers in their ongoing spiritual development. While acknowledging that certain aspects of spiritual growth are beyond human control, this framework offers a concrete set of activities for individuals to actively collaborate with God in their spiritual journey.


These steps are the same ones you take to grow in anything in your life! First, you discern what God wants you to learn or grow in. Next, you learn the needed information and practice the new skill. Then you pause to reflect on your efforts and evaluate whether or not they are producing progress. Finally, you celebrate the progress — even while it’s happening. Discern. Learn. Practice. Reflect. Celebrate. These are the Steps of the PATH, and they are designed to be repeated over and over as God leads and directs you by His Holy Spirit.


We start by asking God how He wants us to grow


We seek truth from God’s Word, His Spirit, and the community of believers.


We apply the truth to our lives, taking practical steps in faith.


We ask God how our steps of faith are producing spiritual fruit and greater love for Him.


We thank the Lord for how He is working in our lives, the lives of others, and in the world.


These are the Steps of the PATH, and they are designed to be repeated over and over as God leads you by His Holy Spirit.

So what area am I called to grow in?

Whether you're discerning your path, learning new insights, practicing your faith, reflecting on your journey, or celebrating your progress, we are here to support and guide you every step of the way. Don't miss out on the latest from our community. Subscribe today and join us on this journey of faith and growth!

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